Sunday, May 14, 2017

What I Like to Do Over The Summer!

         Summer breaks is almost here, I know very exciting! So I am going to share what I like to do during summer break.

1. Go to Six Flags! I love going to Six Flags because I love roller coasters, also I plan to go with my friends a lot this summer which is going to be a lot of friends!

2. Have lazy days! I love having lazy days because you can just binge watch shows and not to have to go outside (we all have those days) when it's freaking hot!

3. Hang with friends! I love hanging with my friends because they make me laugh till my stomach hurts, and they are really fun!

4. Go to water parks! Going to water parks are really fun especially if they have lots of slides!

5. Go out of state! Every summer I always go out of state the last couple of years I've been to Georgia, Ohio, and  Wisconsin. This year I plan to go to Mexico to visit my family and go to the beach!

Thoughts On 13 Reasons Why (The Show)

         Yeah, I know here's another girl obsessing over "13 Reason Why" but you have to admit it's a really good show. The show is based on a girl named Hannah Bakcr who commits  suicide and she leaves takes behind for thirteen people who had some part of her committings suicide. I really like the show because it gives people a reality check, that everything you say or do to someone really does affect them. Also I believe that Jeff Atkins deserved better, if you watched the show we all know he deserved better. I recommend this show to people who are mature and are ready to cry ( a lot).

Milk and Honey

            Recently I read Milk and Honey by Rupi Kaur. Milk and Honey is a poetry book based on four chapters each explaining a part of her life. The Chapter are "The Hurting", "The Loving", "The Breaking", and "The healing." These first chapter explain her problems with the authors family she had and has, the second chapter explains the authors fallings in love. The 3rd chapter explains problems she has with her husband. The final chapter is about how she handles the problems she has when she is vulnerable. The book does  is very mature so I would recommend this to people who are mature and like poetry and also who are ready to shed some tears.

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A few quotes I love

This is a quote that I really like. I like it for a few reasons actually. This quote is saying that nothing really doesn't bother us more than the things we chose not to say. This quote is basically saying how everything we don't say that we should've will haunt us for the rest of our lives. If we choose to nothing say one thing we wish we could get a chance to go back and say it to get it off our chest. I think this quote is really important because I'm pretty sure most of us in life can relate that we have chose not to say something we wish we could've.

Here is a picture of another quote I also enjoy. This quote states that the person that doesn't need anyone to tell them they're good enough is the most feared by everyone. The person doesn't need anyone's opinion to know that they are good enough and some people fear that because they are the type of people to need validation in whatever they do. This quote is showing that the one person that do sent care what anyone thinks, is the one that gets feared the most by people because other people wish they had that validation for themselves.

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Friendship is happiness

        In life, friendships are very important. I know in my life friendship means everything to me. Without the close friends I have right now, I would be lost to be very honest. I have 3 very close best friends that I tell everything to. I know that they have my full trust and anything I need to tell them I could tell them, and they wouldn't judge me.We all started to get so close because let's face it,we are stuck together in 3 80 minute classes together everyday. They really made me feel like I could be myself around them and they didn't judge the real me.We have some of the best memories together and enjoy being together everyday. These 3 girl best friends I can count on for anything. Anything I need to talk about, they are there to listen. If I'm having a bad day, they are there to make me feel so much better and make me laugh until my stomach hurts. If I'm very excited about something coming up, they all are there to support me. I think it is so important that I have these 3 girls as friends because of the fact they have always been there for me whenever I really needed it. Now throughout life I know friends come and go but I would do anything for us to remain friends through high school. Even if we are separating I'd love to keep in touch with them because they're friendship is gold. They have really made my eighth grade year a blast and I can't wait to spend dinner dance and six flags with them. Most importantly, I can't wait to graduate with them as my best friends. I love them all equally so much and I can't thank them enough for making me feel great everyday. 

Madness in literature

        In this last quarter of our school year my class and I all read the book "Lord of the Flies" by William Golding. In this book it tells the story about a group of British boys that are on a plane and suddenly it crashes. These group of boys get stranded on an unknown island with absolutely no adults. The story tells about how they first started out on the island to be civilized people but in the end they don't stick together as a whole anymore. Evil takes over some of the boys and it all goes downhill from there. The story is very very explicit in detail and explains every little thing they go through and how they deal with it. 

        To be honest with everyone, I didn't really enjoy this book. In my own personal opinion it wasn't that great of a book but I know some people out there would like it. I would really recommend this book to someone who is VERY patient with books. This book kind of goes slow when adding up to the very big scene in the book. If you like slow but interesting when it hits the end of the book then this could be the book for you. Also, if you like books that challenge you a little bit then this could be the book for you too. It does have violence and kind of gory scenes you could visualize in your head but overall it isn't too bad to read. Honestly this book wasn't a horrible book to read but I just didn't like it personally. I know some people in my class did like it and some didn't. It's just really what you're interested in. 

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Thoughts on Life Is Beautiful!

      Life is beautiful is a comedy/drama movie based on a man named Guido, his wife, and son. Guido is book Jewish book shop owner, who meets his wife at her engagement party he steals his heart and they run off and start a family. One day his wife's mother told the Nazis that Guido was Jewish. They took Guido and his son to a consternation camp, his wife finds out so when the trains were leaving she joins the women being taken to the camp. While there Guido is determined to use his imagination to make the camp sound like a fun game. Anyways on my thoughts I liked the movie it made laugh, it made me angry, and sad.

       My favorite part is the ending which don't really want to talk about to spoil it but I will say it really shows how love can really keep people together. Also it shows you should never lose hope even when times are getting rough because it all works out in the end. It also made me want to cry but I kept it together (thank god), because if I didn't my mascara would have been running down my cheeks. Which I recommend if you're an emotional person do not wear eye makeup because you will ruin it.

       Also I would like to say I don't really like romantic movies and this movie really wasn't that bad for a romance movie. So if you are really into romantic/comedy/drama movies I would recommend this movie to you.  Also I suggest to watch this with your family and friends because it will make you appreciate them and bring you guys together. Also another of my favorite parts is when Guido comes into the party with the horse.