Sunday, March 19, 2017

If I Stay

If I stay is a movie and a book, the book interested me when I saw the movie (made me cry). The book was written by Gayle Foreman. It based on a girl named Mia Hall (17 years old) she and her family were involved in a car accident. She was the only one that survived but she is in a coma. While she is on the coma she can see her family and friend visiting her. She finds herself in a hard situation she has to determine to live or die. My favorite quote from the book is "I'm not sure this is the world I belong in anymore. I'm not sure that I want to wake up." I really liked this quote because I believe that some point in a persons' life they will feel like they don't belong. I recommend this book to people who like novels and like to have a book to read and then watch the movie. Also get ready to cry!

The Devil's Highway

The Devil'S Highway is based on a true story. It is mainly about immigration, it is about twenty six men trying to cross the border to end up in a dessert in Arizona. The book was written by Luis Alberto Urrea. The book is slow paced in the begging (starts to get interesting on the starting pages of 50). If you are wondering what the "Devil's Highway" actually is it is U.S. Route 666. It honestly freaked me out. I found this book interesting because some of my family members came to America as immaigrants, so I wanted to know more about the struggle. I recommend this book to people who are patient and like the subject of immigration. As you can tell from my blog about my Super Bowl commercial, I am very interested in the subject of immigration. This book got my interest when my social justice teacher Ms.Suarez was talking about it class. I muster wanted a book that described the pain and difficulty of how people cross the border to start a new life. One of my favorite quotes the book is "always behave with respect." I like this quote because a lot of because I feel like people can be disrespectful without even knowing.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Something I Regret.

          Something I regret is not taking the private high school exam. I feel like I'm very vulnerable of rejection so I avoid anything that can reject me. At first I was going to take the exam but I backed out like 3 days before because I was scared. I regret not taking the test because maybe I could have got into Nazareth. Maybe I could've graduated from my first choice school.

Sunday, February 26, 2017

Propaganda Image Description

                 This image represents a baby who parents are Jewish. The Nazi's always thought all Jews were the same so they treated all bad. They would draw Jews as bad people. as  They also believed every Jewish baby was bad because of their religion. So in the image it shows people looking at the baby with disgust because he or she is apart of a Jewish family. The baby has no control of that, they don't know if he or she even chooses to be Jewish but they still look at the baby with disgust.


A Day With Selena Quintanilla!

                   If had to spend a day with Grammy winning artist I would choose Selena Quintanilla! Selena was an amazing actress,singer, and fashion designer! I would like to get pizza with her because pizza was here all time favorite food! I would also ask her how to dance because she was a very great dancer and performer! Another reason why I picked her is because growing up I always watch her movie, which I still love till this day! I also still listen and love her music! One last thing I would ask her is what gave her inspiration to such unique clothes!


Monday, February 20, 2017

15 Things That Make Me Happy!

1. My family
2. My Friends
3. My dog
4. Music
5. Movies
6. Volleyball
7. Drawing
8. Dancing
9. Singing
10. Pictures
11. Traveling
12. Shopping
13. Laughing with my friend or family
14. Reading
15. Writing

 Over all all these thing make me happy because they cheer me up. Or just because I love being around my friends and family. Anything can make me happy as long if I'm with the right people.